KK6USY Ham Radio Adventures Youtube

How to use Hamsticks in different ways for use on the HF bands in Ham Radio.

In this video I show different antennas including Hamsticks to have an economical way to get on the Ham Bands. Hamsticks are mono band HF antennas that consist of a fiberglass mast with integrated coil and a tunable stainless steel whip.

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Pyle Speaker Tripod,
MFJ MFJ-1620T 20m Hamstick,
MFJ MFJ-1640T 40 Meter HamStick,
6 Meter HF Hamstick,
MFJ-1610T Mobile antenna, 10m,
MFJ-1979 Antenna, telescopic, 20m,
Hustler MO-3 HF Mobile Antenna 54" Mast,
Hustler VP-1 Tri-Band Resonator Adapter,
Hustler RM10 Standard 10 Meter Resonator,
Hustler RM-10S Super Resonator, 10M,
MO-4 HF Mobile Antenna Mast for, designed for Hustler HF Resonators,
Hustler RM-80S Super Resonator, 80 Mete,
Hustler RM-40 Standard Resonator, 40M,
Hustler RM-40S Super Resonator, 40M,
Hustler RM-20S Super Resonator, 20M,
Hustler CB 102 Inch whip,
Chameleon Antenna CHA-Hybrid-Mini,
Chameleon Antenna MPAS 2.0 1.8-54 MHz,
Chameleon Antenna Spike 15",
Super Antenna TM4 Portable Tripod,
Super Antenna MP1C All Band HF,
wolf river coil,
Single Groove CB Radio Antenna Mirror Mount,