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The Packtenna End-Fed Half-Wave for Summits on the Air.

I received the Packtenna 20 Meter End-Fed Half-Wave antenna recently. The end of the antenna opposite the feed line has a link to add an extender for 40 meters. Rather than purchasing that, I just linked up to the end with more wire to extend it to 40 meters. After tuning it up on 40 meters I added a loading coil to bring the other three bands into resonance (20,15, and 10). Find out more about this loading coil in K6ARK’s antenna instructions on page 10, found here:

I used the Packtenna EFHW and also the TrekMount on this Summits on the Air activation. I worked 2 meters CW, SSB, and FM on the TrekMount along with a SotaBeams 2 meter bandpass filter because of the commercial antennas.

K6ARK website:
April 30th Solar Flare Article:

Packtenna Antennas:
SotaBeams 2 Meter Bandpass Filter from DX Engineering:
Osprey Padded Organizer:
Bioenno 4.5Ah LiFePO4 battery:
Zoom H1 Audio Recorder:
Nite Ize Gear Ties:
PackTenna Mast:
Trekking Poles:
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