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Don’t miss this the next time you go to Hamvention – “Four Days in May”!

Dave Cripe, NM0S is the President of QRP Amateur Radio Club International. QRP ARCI hosts "Four Days in May" convention in conjunction with Hamvention, in Dayton Ohio. Dave has been licensed since 1981. He designed the popular Cricket 40 transceiver sold by the Four State QRP Group. He worked at Broadcast Electronics, designing their current line of AM broadcast transmitters, and Harris Broadcast, where he spent 4 years designing AM and Shortwave Broadcast equipment. He also held several other jobs working with electronics and radio systems. He is a member of of QRPARCI, GQRP, ARRL, AMI, RSGB, 4SQRP, the Collins ARC, Cedar Valley ARC, and IA QRP Club. He is an active volunteer with Mount Vernon’s Boy Scout Troop 40 where he teaches the Radio Merit Badge and assists with the JOTA station.

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