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Ham Radio from the Grand Canyon for Support Your Parks Weekend

Using a ham radio to communicate with others while in the outdoors, such as from a national park like the Grand Canyon happens more than you might think. The program called Parks on the Air is gaining in popularity. Many of my friends enjoy participating in Parks on the Air, and a different program called Summits on the Air. Recently a few of us got together to have fun camping and using our ham radios. We chose to meet up at the Grand Canyon.

Support Your Park Weekend occurs once a year. Many ham radio operators are out using their radios on this weekend. Some enjoy the challenge of setting up their ham radio station in the field and making as many contacts as possible. Others enjoy operating from less visited parks or locations. Still others like to hunt those stations from home and see how many they can make contact with. Its a fun weekend, combining visiting a national park with ham radio.

In this video I operate from several parks and a summit. I show you what equipment I use as well as what others use.

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