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4 heads are better than 1

This is the one where I show the build of the TOChron – if one large screen is good, aren’t 4 small screens better?

Here are the parts needed to make this work.

👉 4 Cheap/Old Screens:
👉 4-way Monitor Arm:
👉 VESA Adapter if you have a screen that is "extra" standard:
👉 Heavy Duty Tripod:

Here are all the dashboards I mentioned:

👉 FT8Off: – (when it gets resurrected)
👉 APRS Based 2m propogation:
👉 Windy:
👉 Solarham:
👉 PSKReporter:
👉 Allstar: (Find your favorite node)
👉 PiStar: http://pi-star.local/
👉 HamClock:
👉 Parks On The Air:
👉 APRS Tracking:
👉 DXCluster:

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