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8-Year-Old Uses Ham Radio to Talk to Astronaut on the International Space Station

Isabella in the UK has had a chance of a lifetime conversation with Kjell Lindgren, an astronaut aboard the International Space Station.

She used her Dad, Matt M0LMK’s amateur radio to call fellow ham radio enthusiast and commander of the NASA SpaceX Crew-4 as it passed over the UK.

I caught up with Matt and Isabella to have a chat about this very memorable contact.

Find out more about ham radio onboard the ISS here 👇👇

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0:00 Ham Radio Contact to the ISS
0:45 A bit of luck
2:59 How can you talk to astronauts?
4:48 Ham Radio goes viral
10:00 Isabella on the air
11:31 Getting kids involved
14:02 Isabella speaks about the contact

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