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How Does The Xiegu X5105 Transceiver Perform With Morse Code?

After seeing my reviews of the Xiegu X6100, a viewer suggested I might try the Xiegu X5105 as well. So, I asked my friend, Jason, from Ham Radio 2.0 if I could barrow his. After receiving it, I have taken it out in the field a few times only using phone. This video includes my first attempts at using the X5105 for CW.
I like a few things about this radio, but did run into some problems. There will be a follow-up video to this one with my final thoughts on the radio.
For this video Brian W7JET and I drive to the Sierra Ancha Wilderness and activate 2 summits (I did not capture video of the third summit).

Xiegu X5105 Transceiver:
Begali Adventure Morse Code Paddle:

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