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By popular demand, more info and more ways to solve the "USB" Noise problem with the IC-705

🛒 6ft RG-8 Coax w/PL-259
🛒 6ft RG-8 Coax w/BNC
🛒 FT-240-43 Toroid:
🛒 USB-C to Micro-USB 10ft Gas Station USB Cable:
🛒 USB-A to Micro-USB 10ft Gas Station USB Cable

– [x] – Change VOX Button to work as TX Button
– [x] – "Proper" RF Ground
– [x] – Turn off USB Charging
– [x] – Shielded USB Cable
– [x] – Choke Antenna
– [x] – USB Isolator
– [x] – Compare to X6100
– [x] – TX Into Dummy Load
– [x] – TX without computer connected
– [x] – WFView/SDRControl
– [x] – TX Into DX Commander
– [x] – Why is the "cause" not the USB Laptop connected to the computer?
– [x] – Change Laptops
– [x] – A TinySA with a 1 inch wire antenna can be handheld and run along the coax to see where the noise is on the line without the USB toroid.

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