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Xiegu X5105 – Built-In CW Keyer Using The Latest Firmware.

On this activation I join my friend Pat K7GUD on a hike to the top of Capital Butte. I bring along the Xiegu X5105 installed with the latest firmware to see if there is any difference with the performance of the internal CW keyer. In a past video I was quite unhappy with the performance, but admitted that I wasn’t operating the radio on the latest firmware. After this activation I revised my opinion about this radio.

This hike to the top of Capital Butte had a lot of builder hopping and climbing. For me, it was a difficult but rewarding trek. This summit is a Summits On the Air peak and I activated it for the 8 points.

Thanks to Mike K8MRD for loaning me the X5105. Check out his YouTube channel here:

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