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This is How We Get Youth Interested in Ham Radio!!

So… how do we actually engage with kids and youth in a technology dominated world where amateur radio gets left behind?

Steve Goodgame K5ATA from the @ARRLHQ presents "The Why and How of Youth Engagement" which deals with this topic. @Goodgame Ham Radio & Outdoors

This presentation was recorded at the Tassie Ham Conference 2022 👉

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0:00 Youth Outreach – Why and How?
0:59 Raise your hand – Survey time
4:00 Why do it?
5:42 Youth can do hard things
7:11 A sense of belonging
7:52 Create a space for them
9:41 Should we pursue licensing?
12:34 It’s kinda like fishing
14:30 Brainstorming ways to keep them engaged
15:12 Invite youth to your club!
17:44 Ham activities to engage youth
18:58 Building circuits & hacking radios
21:39 Who can be an elmer?
24:18 Let them build stuff
25:17 Tension
26:02 Create a youth culture on the air
27:19 How do we reach them?
28:34 Don’t let them slip away!
29:57 Q&A

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