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QRP Five Band Linked Dipole Antenna

Having completed a 5-band linked dipole that includes the 10 meter band, it was time to take it to the field for testing. This antenna is compact and light compared to other dipoles I have made, with 26 AWG wire, RG-174 coax, and tine 2 mm banana plugs.

This excursion was to a Summits on the Air peak called Blackjack Point. I use the antenna as well as a homebrew Morse code pressure paddle. This mid-November out was beautiful, with a light breeze and temperature in the low 70s F.

2.0 mm Banana Plugs:
No 26 Poly-Stealth Antenna Wire:
PCB Board:
Heat Shrink:
Carabiner Clip:
Cutting Board:

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