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Add These Items to Your SOTA / POTA Checklist!

Kyle AA0Z went on a SOTA/POTA rove a few weeks ago. After the excursion he said that as a new SOTA operator, there were a ton of things that he either forgot, left in the car or didn’t even realize he needed when he got up to the top of the summit to activate. In this episode of the All Portable Discussion Zone we talk to Kyle about his experiences and he will share some of my experiences of what I learned and what he’s going to do next time. he operates SOTA and POTA.

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Join us as we talk about how YOU can improve your SOTA outings in this episode of the All Portable Discussion Zone “AP/DZ”. Every aspect of Portable Ops is explored in this biweekly live stream as we discuss news, gear, achievements, the workbench, contests, awards and more – find all Portable Ops related topics here.

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