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A quick review/update to catch us up on the firmware changes on the Xiegu G106:

Version 1.1b01
1. More precise CW key timing
2. Lower the Tx audio gain, higher SNR for Tx
3. Add "MIC GAIN" option at menu [5/5] #3
range=0-30, gain=0-15dB, step=0.5dB, default=20
4. Add "FACTORY RESET" option
Press and hold "MODE" button when powering on
Note: It’s only reset the parameters to default,
no effect to saved channels
5. Add AM transmitted function.
Version 1.2b02
1. Improved speech intelligibility
Version 1.2b03
1. Add Tx power adjustment option, menu[5/5]-#4, "TXP":
LOW: 10%
MID: 50%
HIGH: 100%
*Note: There is a certain error in the LOW/MID gear, which is a normal phenomenon

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