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The Easiest Radio to FT8 With?

📻 Get your Xiegu G106 and/or your DE-19 with $15 off at Radioddity:

👉 Download and Install the software for Windows:

👉 Install for Linux:
Open a terminal
sudo apt update
sudo apt install wsjtx -y
sudo apt remove brltty (on mint, you won’t get CAT control with brltty running)
sudo usermod -aG dialout ${USER}
(Perform a complete logout and then log back in again to activate the group)
Put your radio in "U-D" mode by repeatedly pressing the Mode button until you see "U-D" in the display
Configure WSJT-X as shown in the video
Configure your volume settings on your computer

No other radio settings are needed – good thing since their aren’t any.

👉 Websites:
Track your signals:
Find your grid:
Check your time:

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