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Riding the Waves: An Adventure in Ham Radio and Cycling

Join us for an exciting livestream interview with Jim N4JAW, the ham radio operator who takes his hobby to new heights, or should we say, new parks! Jim’s passion for combining his love of cycling and radio communication has led him on thrilling adventures to remote and interesting locations. where he sets up his portable station for Parks on the Air, satellite communications, or just plain old field ops fun. Get ready to be inspired by Jim’s creativity and adventurous spirit, as he shares his experience of biking and operating in some of the most breathtaking state and national parks. Don’t miss this unique and fascinating conversation with Jim N4JAW, the ultimate "ham on wheels"!

Jim’s Twitter account: @N4JAW

Join us as we talk about how YOU can get creative with portable radio in this episode of the All Portable Discussion Zone “AP/DZ”. Every aspect of Portable Ops is explored in this biweekly live stream as we discuss news, gear, achievements, the workbench, contests, awards and more – find all Portable Ops related topics here.

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