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My Cheap 80 Foot (30m) Home Brew Tower Fell Down!

My Cheap 80 Foot (30m) Home Brew Tower Fell Down!

We destroyed an 80 feet tower in 5 seconds. But the 60 foot version worked GREAT! Full parts list for my home-brew 60 feet tower made from scaffolding poles, connectors and poly rope detailed in this video – and also below. TAKE CARE because if anything goes wrong, you are into an extremely serious accident.

You will need:

– 4 x alloy poles (optionally one in steel)
– About 1,000 feet (330m) poly rope (lorry rope)
– Some sort of tilt-hinge (I have made a couple of these on this channel)
– 3 x straight scaffolding connectors
– 1 cross joiner (for just above the tilt mechanism)
– 2 hinged connectors (if you wanted to make the crossbar)
– At least 4 large guy points (you can home brew from angle iron)
– Selection of 6mm / 1/4 inch bolts to tap the poles for guy points
– at least 3 x 4-way guy points for the scaffolding poles
– Steel carabiners with a decent high rating
– Hard hat (seriously!)
– Know how to tie knots!

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