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The Xiegu CN-20 + The Yaesu FT-818 + The Xiegu XPA125B – I expect nothing less from Xiegu at this point in time. Xiegu reminds me of my day job with how broken things are, but are just passable enough that you still /need/ them.

Get your CN-20 or XPA12B from Radioddity with $15 off using my discount code: (need $60+ in the cart)

👉 DigiRig:
👉 DigiRig Cable Set:
👉 3d Printed Rails:
👉 Screws for 3d printed case on Amazon:
👉 Cheat Sheet:
👉 BNC Dust Covers:
👉 SO-239 Dust Covers:
👉 LDG Z817 Tuner:
👉 3/4" Velcro One-Wrap tape:
👉 Yaesu FT-818 Radio:

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