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Southern Idaho Preparedness Net: Week 2

Our Second net:
1. Roundtable: What have you done to prepare for the big one? Asking around the net.
2. Options for Budget Night Vision. Where to go to find quality Nightvision and options you should think about.
3. Laminated cards with frequencies, medical information, meetup locations and local map of AO.
4. Livestream comment: In case of invasion, an armband with group affilliation. Helps with POW status if captured.
5. Traveling Preppers – Traveling with your preps. Traveling with firearms / ammo.

We’re going to try something new. I’m calling it The Southern Idaho Preparedness Net. This net will meet on Saturday Mornings 0900Hrs Mountain Time. This will be a topic driven net where we will discuss survival and preparedness subjects such as:
Survival Strategies
Food Storage
Water Concerns
Personal protection
Emergency Communications
Community Building and concerns

This net will be hosted on the K6UDA repeater 444.500 +offset in digital mode. Also accessible from the Hansen Butte Repeater 145.170 digital mode and on analog radio on the 442.000 repeater.
You can point your wiresX node to room 40448 The Idaho Command
You can also get in using YSF Reflector 56026 Youtubers

I’m working on possible topics to get us started. If you have something you’d like to discuss, email