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How TO. Tunes up the Wolf River Coils Antenna

How TO. Tunes up the Wolf River Coils Antenna

This is a very versatile antenna system – even more versatile if you use a longer whip! (For the longer whip, I’d use a broader base or a spike so it doesn’t fall over). No Tuner required – you are the tuner!

Gear Used In Today’s Video:
👉 Wolf River Coils Antennas:
👉 WRC Tuning Instructions:
My Setup:
– 78" Whip (get the 17 foot/204 inch whip)
– 3x 33′ Radials
– 12" tripod kit
– Silver Bullet 1000 80-10m
👉 Yaesu FT-100D:
👉 NanoVNA:
👉 ABR Coax W/Integrated Choke:
👉 PowerQueen 100Ah Mini Battery:
👉 Walmart Hookup Wire:
👉 Crimper:
👉 Connectors:

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