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#100 Abbree Antenna Giveaway and 100th video celebration

This is my 100th video, I’ve come a long way and I have a long way to go. I couldn’t have done it without all you TOADs — TOs Awesome Dude(tte)s!!! Thanks for being awesome!


Watch all 4 videos for Thursday Night Ham Radio on 9/24/2020 — Playlist:

Around the 2 minute mark there will be a keyword on the screen in each of the videos – write it down

Join us here for the live stream wrap up.

Around the 2 minute mark in this stream Look in the chat for Frank to say "Go Time". The first 3 comments with the 4 words in the right order on Frank’s screen will win!

New Discord:

50% of all patreons goes to supporting youths in ham radio with free tests, equipment and learning!

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Where possible, all links are affiliate links, this youtube thing is an expensive endeavor and every little bit helps.


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