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Simple Portable HF Antennas with Tim G5TM | Easy to Build #YTHF21

Simple Portable HF Antennas with Tim G5TM | Easy to Build #YTHF21

Do you want to make a simple HF antenna using nothing but coax? Well today at the 2021 YouTubers Hamfest, I speak with Tim G5TM as he shares his experiences on building HF antennas, running portable, mobile and the fun to be had during the Sporadic E season.

These HF antennas are simple to build and an easy way to get on the air!

Check out Tim’s YouTube channel here:

Half-Wave Flowerpot Antenna by VK2ZOI:

Steve G3TXQ – Coax Common Mode Chokes

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0:00 Simple HF Antennas with Tim G5TM | Easy to Build #YTHF21
1:06 Introducing Tim G5TM
2:00 The basic coax antennas built by Tim
7:16 The importance of getting the choke right
14:35 Attaching the antenna to the squid pole
18:55 Discussing Hyendfed antennas for portable
24:35 Benefits of going mobile/portable
38:19 Sporadic E – when does it kick in and what bands

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