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#25 Incredible! My Sweetheart does portable radio with me!

Ham radio is a diverse hobby with endless possibilities to suite just about everybody’s interests. For example, many people enjoy taking there radio out in the field, referred to as “portable radio” or “portable ops”. Within that niche some like the solo adventure and some like a little company, or like me a mix of both depending on mood and circumstances. Something you don’t quite see every day is a husband and wife team out in the field together enjoying the hobby.
Join us for this episode of the “All Portable Discussion Zone” as we explore the idea of Ham Radio Couples and maybe find out how YOU can get your partner to join you in the ham radio hobby in this episode of the All Portable Discussion Zone “AP/DZ”.
Lisa KJ7PJV and Jon KJ7IGZ
Mary KI4HHI and Joe KI4ASK

Sandy W7NRS and Charlie NJ7V

Charlie NJ7V @NJ7V_

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