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How to Fix Pota Logs

How to Fix Pota Logs

I am joined By Steve (KO4AFL) to fix my messed up POTA logs from my California trip. We use a tool, ADIF Master, to open up the log from Harms. I should you how to create missing columns and how to enter missing data. Finally i go over how to upload the logs to POTA website.

Steve Channels:

ADIF Master –
How to Export Logs –

Table of Contents:
Tank Radio – 0:00
Tools – 0:39
Log File Naming – 1:46
ADI files Overview – 3:38
Editing Sign_Info – 3:57
Add Missing Columns – 5:03
Editing empty Fields – 5:58
Deleting a Row – 6:09
Required Fields in ADI log file – 6:34
Fixing More Files – 6:54
Sending in Logs – 8:45
Steve Gives Insite into POTA Database – 9:38
Wrap Up – 10:27
Credits – 11:18

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