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Ham Radio Antenna Project: Ham Sticks on a Motorcycle!

Ham Radio Antenna Project: Ham Sticks on a Motorcycle!

Here is how I mounted Ham Radio antennas to my Honda Motorcycle.


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14er fun – SAR and SOTA in the Sierra

Each year, our SAR team, San Diego Mountain Rescue, completes “Mountain Climb” trainings where we work on our teamwork and summer mountaineering skills. This year, a permit spot opened up on a trip for Middle Palisade (14,012′), one of California’s 14ers. Here’s the video trip report.

My pack for this trip was a 17L, 15 lb load – one of the lightest packs I’ve carried for a 2 night trip. Here’s the inventory.

Pack Inventory – Big 4:
– CAMP Skin Pack –
– Marmot Alpinist Bivy – (Discontinued. Check out OR Helium Bivy instead
– Mountain Hardwear Mountain Speed 32 – (Discontinued)
– Reflectix Pad –

Kitchen/ Water:
– Sawyer Squeeze Filter –
– Alcohol Stove –
– Orikaso Cup – (Discontinued)
– Ursack –

– GoPro Hero 7 Black –
– GoPro Polarizing Filter –
– Canon M6 – (Discontinued. Check out the M6 Mk 2 or M50)
– USB Battery Pack –
– Mountain Topper MTR3B –
– Wouxun KG-UV9D –

– Mountain Hardwear Rain Shell
– Mountain Hardwear Pullover Jacket
– OR low gaiters
– Buff
– Headsweats Running Hat
– Beanie
– Gloves
– OR Mosquito Head Net
– BD Distance Trekking Poles –

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Parks on the Air is so much fun!

Parks on the Air is so much fun!

Everyone should be doing it. This is what it’s like! Just get on the air and call CQ!!

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Here’s a bunch of links to stuff I use.
Bioenno BLF-1203W:
Bioenno BLF-1203AB:
Bioenno BLF-1206A:
Bioenno 20AH LiFePO4 Battery:
Bioenno 12AH LiFePO4 Battery:
Bioenno Charge Controller:
Rich Solar 100 Watt Panel:
Carhartt Lunch Box:
Xiegu X5105:
Xiegu G90:
Yaesu FT-891:
Shakespear 20′ Wonderpole:
Powerwerx Power Pole Distribution Block:
Powerwerx Volt Meter:
Ailunce HD1:
Baofeng UV-5R:
Tactical Backpack
Condor Rip EMT Pouch:
iPad mini Bluetooth Keyboard:
Red Rock Outdoors Sling Pack:
Portable Operating for Amateur Radio Kindle:
Portable Operating for Amateur Radio paperback:
I may make a small commission on purchases made through the links above.

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Radioddity GS-5B Waterproof Test and Review

Radioddity GS-5B Waterproof Test and Review

Radioddity was nice enough to send this little GS-5B radio to us to take a look at. In this video, we take a look at it for the review… and we put it to the ultimate rainproof test… the shower test.

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Live discussion about Digital Voice everything you want to know

Live discussion about Digital Voice everything you want to know

Barrowing from one of my most popular videos, let’s dive into a disscussion about Digital Voice. DMR, D-Star & Fusion. all up for discussion today Live on K6UDA Radio.

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2MC Net | Radio & Antenna, Now What | 07-29-20

2MC Net | Radio & Antenna, Now What | 07-29-20

#Ham #Radio #Jeep #2MC
INFO: Channel 2 for the Anti-Nets if this one is down will be over on Nick’s / KN6DAL channel Link:

This is not a net in the traditional way and everyone is a visitor. We take check-ins so we can circle back to people and give them a chance to chat. There is a Facebook Group to join under “2MC”.
EchoLink and AllStar was added in the beginning of 2020 to allow people globally to check in and join the fun. Also, we leave the links up all the time. So feel free to key up the repeater anytime.

Check Out Our Discord:

Primary EchoLink is W6VVR-R and Secondary is WG5EEK-L. You can also use our AllStar Node 51094

Live AllStar/EchoLink website & more:

A huge thank you to the Vaca Valley Radio Club – W6VVR for the use of the repeater. It’s a great machine sitting on top of Mt. Vaca around 2,800 feet high, about 60 miles East from San Francisco. Link to club’s website:

Behind the Scenes:
I’m in my garage shack
Yaesu FT-991A is the radio
Mackie Mix12FX mixer
AKG Perception 120 condenser microphone on a boom
Two different Logitech webcams
The software is OBS
2020 Custom PC Build
Link to Build:

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The Green Donkey Sighting Simplex 146.520.

In this video I make a contact with K6DJV of the 2 meter crew with a HT from a boat on a lake about 45 miles.

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Parks on the Air in Grand Teton NP, Wyoming. FT-891 and Chameleon MPAS. POTA. 4K

Parks on the Air in Grand Teton NP, Wyoming. FT-891 and Chameleon MPAS. POTA. 4K

I took a trip to Grand Teton NP in Wyoming. 14 hours away and spent 4 days and 3 nights out there. One of those days was in Yellowstone. Grand Teton NP and Jackson Hole Wyoming were among my Dads favorite places I when up there during Fathers Day week because this was the last place we traveled to before he passed away. Good memories. I wish I had seen a moose like we did 14 years ago.

My solid gear choices after hours and hours of careful research and returns.

My Trail Chair is the Alite Monarch. Weighs 1.3 lbs. Good for the short hikes.

The Garmin Mini is a champ

My ultralight hiking down jacket

My ultralight day pack

Garmin InReach Mini

My bivy choice

My cold weather sleeping bag

Sleeping air pad

My headlamp choice. Love this thing

Telescoping bamboo mast

Tiki torch stake

My final choice in footwear trail runners

My headset

My camp spoon

My Ultralight camp/hike mug

My cookset of choice

Reliable cook stove. Not cheap china garbage

GTX outer layer for weather protection

My trekking poles

Nalgene bottle. Must have for freezing temps

Merino Wool Buff

Wipes for the Woods

My water filtration system

Hiking boxer underwear

Hiking Shirt

Another hiking shirt. Columbia Ridge

Portable solar phone charger

Radio gear case

Z seat pad

Leukotape for blisters and prevention

Powerfilm ultralight solar panel for backpacking

My merino wool base layer- lower

Merino wool base layer- upper

Ultralight tent stakes

Incredible mountaineering book of information

Mylar emergency bivy

Merino wool beanie

Freeze dried trail/camping coffee

3 season gaiters

Snow gaiters

My boonie hat

My UL rain gear – Jacket

My UL rain gear – pants

My winter boot

My snow shoe

My final choice in footwear trail runners

My Sony Action Cam

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Ham Radio How To – POTA Paper Log Entry With Fast Log Entry (FLE)

Ham Radio How To - POTA Paper Log Entry With Fast Log Entry (FLE)

In this video, I show you how to enter in paper logged POTA or SOTA contacts into Fast Log Entry for submission to the program administrators.

This is for operators who do not have a general logger program and need a tool to generate an ADIF file quickly and easily.

Fast Log Entry Documentation

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Q&R “EN DIRECT” à propos de ma station Radioamateur (samedi 25 juillet 15:00 UTC) (FR)


Joignez-vous à moi pour ma première vidéo “EN DIRECT” en français, samedi le 25 juillet 2020 à 11:00 HNE (15h00 UTC). Je répondrai à toutes vos questions concernant ma station radioamateur. S.v.p., partagez et abonnez-vous! 73 Pascal VA2PV