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Introducing the DX Idiot – Homebrew HF Vertical Antenna

In this dumb short video, I make an antenna out of junk. I save you the dumbing putting it together and get right to the point. Take that callum!

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Good Morning World from UK on 80m 3.755 +/- QRM

Good Morning World from UK on 80m 3.755 +/- QRM

Here we are again, another week – another dollar. See if you can hear me. By all means join in or see if you can hear the net on a WebSDR (Google it). See you!

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Ground Radial Installation for DX Commander Ham Radio Vertical Antenna

Ground Radial Installation for DX Commander Ham Radio Vertical Antenna

The BIG Nebula eXtreme multi-band antenna is nearing installation. In this video, we lay out 2,000 feet (nearly 600m) of copper as the ground. I’m using the biodegradable radial pins from my store here: Exciting project. Can’t wait to get on 40m and 80m with this.. Callum. #nebula #hamradio #m0mcx

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2MC Net | World Wide Check In | 09-09-20

#Ham #Radio #CheckIn #2MC
INFO: Channel 2 for the Anti-Nets if this one is down will be over on Nick’s / KN6DAL channel Link:


This is not a net in the traditional way and everyone is a visitor. We take check-ins so we can circle back to people and give them a chance to chat. There is a Facebook Group to join under “2MC”.
EchoLink and AllStar was added in the beginning of 2020 to allow people globally to check in and join the fun. Also, we leave the links up all the time. So feel free to key up the repeater anytime.

Primary EchoLink is W6VVR-R and Secondary is WG5EEK-L. You can also use our AllStar Node 51094

Live AllStar/EchoLink website & more:

A huge thank you to the Vaca Valley Radio Club – W6VVR for the use of the repeater. It’s a great machine sitting on top of Mt. Vaca around 2,800 feet high, about 60 miles East from San Francisco. Link to club’s website:

Behind the Scenes:
I’m in my garage shack
Yaesu FT-991A is the radio
Mackie Mix12FX mixer
AKG Perception 120 condenser microphone on a boom
Two different Logitech webcams
The software is OBS
2020 Custom PC Build
Link to Build:

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Amateur Extra Lesson 10.1, Electromagnetic Waves (AE2020-10.1)

Here’s your video introduction to Section 10.1, Electromagnetic Waves, in the ARRL Extra Class License Manual for Ham Radio, 12th Edition, valid 2020-2024. Note this discussion is limited to defining circular polarization.

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Custom Made 450 ohm Doublet Centre Waterjet in UHMWPE

Custom Made 450 ohm Doublet Centre Waterjet in UHMWPE

I drew these out and sent them away for waterjet cutting and I am extremely pleased with the result. Perfect for 450 ohm doublets and other 450 hm projects. Enjoy – and take some inspiration! Callum M0MCX #dxcommander #doublet #m0mcx

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What i have learnt after s few ISS contacts

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It’s only $5 a year and packing a bug out bag: Live discussion

Since I brought up the subject, lets have a discussion about the FCC proposal to reinstitute fees for ham radio licensing. How to get involved. Also, by popular demand: I present my bug out bag(s). How to pack for a fast escape.

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WSJT-X Setup on the Icom IC-705

The Icom IC-705 has not been added to the official list of radios supported by WSJT-X. In this video however, I will show you how you can set the radio up to work with WSJT-X and perhaps other digital modes.

As of the date of this video, the latest version of WSJT-X is v2.2.2.

Future releases will no doubt support the IC-705 and when that occurs you will not need to change the CI-V address as per this video however all other settings will still be relevant.

Thanks to Kevin VK4UH on the CI-V setting

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Today we are taking a look at EMCOMM. Specifically, we are going to discuss DRATS with Glen Strecker KG5CEN. Learn how how it is implemented and get a good foundation in getting your group started using DRATS.

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