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Best Amateur Radio? Elecraft KX2 Vs. Lab 599 TX-500 Discovery!

Which portable amateur radio reigns supreme? The Lab 599 Discovery TX-500 or the Elecraft KX2!

Get ready for HELLFEST!

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Ed Fong J-Pole:
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My favorite HT antenna is the Signal Stuff Signal Stick:
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Using Speaker Wire for Antennas (#1022)

Andre, KW5DRE, has a question. He is asking if he can use speaker wire as an antenna for my 40M dipole. Watch to learn more about his question which will be on the QST of November 2023.


Edited and Videographed by Aidan Jakeman

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Simple EMF Meter Review

The main function of a EMF meter is to measure the environment for safe exposure levels. In the ham radio world we also measure for RFI or radio frequency interference. Here is a simple to use meter that measures EMF, RFI and Magnetic fields automatically.
Promo link:
Claim Code:129KBQ18,effective date of discount code is 09/21/2023 8:00 AMPDT-10/20/2023 11:59 PMPDT.

2 A Content from a Cop’s perspective:
Show Notes:
Join Me every Monday at Noon Mountain Time (1800 UTC) for the 2 Alpha Ham Radio Podcast Live. I’ll bring in short subjects that we can dive in and look at, you can bring up subjects to discuss. You can also join me as a guest on the show.
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How to use SWR Meters for Ham Radio Beginners

In this video, look at how to use a few different types of SWR Meters for Ham Radio.

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Nissei Digital SWR and Watt Meter:

Video on Impedance:

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BaseAire Airwerx 35P Dehumidifier Overview Demo and First Impressions

Here is a look at the Airwerx 35P dehumidifier from BaseAire

This video is for entertainment purposes only and is not intended to take the place of the owner’s or service manual for this device. Follow all instructions and recommendation in the documentation supplied with this product. Always work safely and wear the appropriate PPE.

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TN07 32 Foot Lightweight Portable Antenna Mast

This TN07 32 Foot Telescopic Mast Is Super Strong!! Let’s See What It Can Do.
Get it here:

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Big Geek Battery Box,
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Links to other stuff
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ABR Industries Is A Full-Line American-Made Coax (RF) Cable Assembly Manufacturer

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Red Summit RF Youtube

5 Homebrew Build of a Force Touch Sensing Morse Code Paddle

Video #5 – After interviewing Tim Keen K5DEZ back in 2020, he suggested I homebrew a simple Morse code paddle from a design he came up with. Tim’s design was inspired by an article in QST Magazine by Art Heft K8CIT. He posted information about the project on the Summits on the Air reflector, here:
This the first video of a series of livestreams sessions I did where I built this paddle.

Pressure sensor for the paddle:
PCB Board (the one I use is discontinued):
Heat Shrink:
Circuit Board Holder:
The flux I use:
Soldering Tip Cleaner:
Helping Hands – board holder:

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SETUP Your Icom IC-7300 for WSJT-X/FT8 – EASY Beginners Guide

In this tutorial I walk you through the step-by-step process of configuring your Icom IC-7300 for seamless operation with WSJT-X and popular digital modes like FT8. These are my personal radio settings that I use for use with FT8, WSPR and other modes that have proven to help me make thousands of contacts in WSJT-X, ensuring you get the most out of your IC7300.

Icom IC-7300 USB driver 👉

Level up your Icom IC-7300 here 👉

0:00 Setup your IC-7300 for WSJT-X
0:24 Radio Settings
2:48 USB Drivers
3:33 COM Port and USB Audio
5:17 WSJT-X Settings
7:35 Adjusting RX Audio Level
8:07 Set your Filters WIDE
8:58 TX Audio Level & ALC

Additional notes:
The baudrate you use in WSJT-X is dependant on if CI-V USB Port is set to Unlink from [Remote] or Link to [Remote].

Link to [Remote] = Use the CI-V Baud Rate on Page 1 of the CI-V menu
Unlink from [Remote = Use the CI-V USB Baud Rate on Page 2 of the CI-V Menu

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Epidemic Sound:

Temporarily Offline Youtube

KX1 Go Box Reproduction!

Today I take a stab at recreating an awesome go-box I found online at K4SWL’s website:

Come inside and take a look!

Here are the parts I used:

👉 Orange Survivor Dry Box (small):
👉 Thomas’ Pelican 1060 Case:
👉 4mm Banana Plugs:
👉 26AWG BNTechGo Wire: (get red and black… or not)
👉 Turtles: (Mini Size)
👉 Double A Battery Tray (AATray?):
👉 Portable Powered Speaker:
👉 Earbud Case Holder:
👉 BNC Binding Post Adapter:
👉 Elecraft KX1 @ebay:

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DX Commander Youtube

This is my LAST Friday for 2-Weeks – Please Join!

This is my LAST Friday for 2-Weeks - Please Join!

We’re back on the Signature 12.4 and also a TOP SECRET Prototype Antenna.. We can switch between the two and see what difference there is.. Join in, listen or follow the live-chat. See you Friday!