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Remote Programming a Radio Using Raspberry Pi and VNC

Remote Programming a Radio Using Raspberry Pi and VNC

A few folks have asked about different options to program a radio that is installed in a vehicle, without having to remove it, and without a laptop computer. The Raspberry Pi is one such option.

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Mobile Hf nice and simple! icom 7300.

Mobile Hf nice and simple! icom 7300.

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Lid Tips – August 2020 Q&A – Ham Radio – TheSmokinApe

Lid Tips - August 2020 Q&A - Ham Radio - TheSmokinApe

Lid Tips – August 2020 Q&A – TheSmokinApe

In Lid Tips videos we discuss topics of intereast to Ham or Amateur Radio Operators. In this episode we discuss Questions and Comments from past Lid Tips episodes.

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Ham Radio Livestreams That You Should Be Watching NOW!

Ham Radio Livestreams That You Should Be Watching NOW!

Ham Radio Livestreams on YouTube that you should be watching right now – I have complied this list from my favorite, current Livestreams that I watch on a normal basis, but I would like to know your thoughts about ones I can add to this list.

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SOTA and POTA in One Activation. The HT saves the day. 4K

SOTA and POTA in One Activation. The HT saves the day. 4K

My solid gear choices after hours and hours of careful research and returns.

The Garmin Mini is a champ

My ultralight hiking down jacket

My ultralight day pack

Garmin InReach Mini

My bivy choice

My cold weather sleeping bag

Sleeping air pad

My headlamp choice. Love this thing

Telescoping bamboo mast

Tiki torch stake

My final choice in footwear trail runners

My headset

My camp spoon

My Ultralight camp/hike mug

My cookset of choice

Reliable cook stove. Not cheap china garbage

GTX outer layer for weather protection

My trekking poles

Nalgene bottle. Must have for freezing temps

Merino Wool Buff

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My final choice in footwear trail runners

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My Sony Action Cam

Signal Search Youtube

Kenwood TM-281A 2M FM Ham Radio Transceiver Review

Kenwood TM-281A 2M FM Ham Radio Transceiver Review

Reviewing the Kenwood TM-281A 2M FM Transceiver.

Ham Radio Crash Course Youtube

Apartment, Attic, HOA and Small Spaces Ham Radio Antennas

Apartment, Attic, HOA and Small Spaces Ham Radio Antennas

Patron Pick August! What antennas should you look at setting up in compromised spaces? We’ll talk about it tonight! For all the Ham Radio Crash Course Merch! Thank you for the support!

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Current Shack Config:
ICOM 7300:
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0:00 Intro
2:00 New Shirts
4:30 Zoom Guests and Panel
9:35 Mike – Question on tube linear amplifiers
26:00 Alex – Recent emergency story on ham radio saving a life
30:00 Alex – Hiking and radio “How do you get your signal out?”
43:30 Edward – What antenna setup for a rented townhome?
52:20 John – Protable APRS iGate for SAR work
1:08:00 Eric – Evacuation ready scanners
1:20:00 Fred – Questions on hex beams vs. three element yagis
1:36:40 “What is the best hand held from $100-$200”


David Casler Live Stream

David Casler Live Stream

15:38 Q&A starts
18:16 Todd N3TJB, Should I get a Icom7300 or the Ts590SG?
23:48 Leroy Anderson, Are we allowed on a 20 meter band?
25:07 Richard Blanchard NZ5J, I have issues with RF in the shack.Not able to transfer signal on my RF headset.
34:28 FT4IG, Icom17 is perfect for digital modes.
34:50 Damy Hues WA7JH, Would love to provide you with more information regarding DMR.
35:43 Eddy Giddens, I wanted to make my own air band antennas and tune them to the frequencies.
41:10 James KJ7XFA, Which rig would you suggest for a first time rig?
43:23 Doug KD5ILD, Just got my new belfang 5WR, seems to be doing okay but I don’t get any answers to my calls. Thought you could give me a hint to something I might have overlooked.
47:39 Hansen KJ7BUJ, Question about radio receiver sensitivity, and wondering if I should be paying attention to this while shopping for an HF receiver?
50:48 Pete Steadmen M6WW, I’ve looked for USB ISO’s, Would you recommend a way of overcoming the noise? Are these USB ISO’s suitable for HF frequencies?
53:48 Floyd K8BFO, I am interested with radios with speech modes but need to know more.
56:04 Bill Taylor, Will the SDR play send and receive?
59:22 Mike Carrington, You suggest copper rod is best for grounding rod to station, how do you fasten and fold them to fit in the compression settings?
1:06:42 Fred Noticed that the distance from the first director is short.
1:09:07 Irvin Johnson, Wondering if you are working on videos for the new general pool of questions?
1:10:13 Eric Graff, If I wanted to go straight to the extra license are there three extra manuals?
1:11:42 Clem KC1HRC, Is the 2 meter amateur band being reconsidered for allocation as an aeronautical band?
1:13:48 Jeff KN2NJL Are the side bands considerate or mandatory use in the U.S?
1:15:09 Jim Richardson, What is wire size for qrp?I would like to use it backpacking in a remote area.
1:16:20 Rules around control operating.

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#81 #SixtyClone What Parts do we need?

#81 #SixtyClone What Parts do we need?

Let’s figure out the rest of the parts we need and get them ordered… want to get this thing booted bad!

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Looking at Opengd77 incredible fw Radioddity

Looking at Opengd77 incredible fw Radioddity